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Wedding and Event Special Wine

Planning a Wedding or special event? We'll show you how easy it is to make your own wine to serve your guests or to give as gifts. Choose from over 220 different wine kit styles from around the world that will complement any menu or event. Present your wine with the ultimate personal touch. Chooose from our wide variety of preprinted labels or customize them  yourself using a computer or by hand. See how easy it is to MAKE WINE ON OUR PREMISES or MAKE YOUR WINE AT HOME.


Common Questions and Answers

• Will the location where I am holding the reception allow me to bring my own wine to serve?
Before you decide to make your wedding wine, check with your reception hall to confirm that you can serve your own wine. Also, ask if there is a corkage fee and what it is.

• Is it legal and do I need some kind of permit to serve my own wine at my wedding?
It is legal to serve your own wine but you will need a special occasions permit from the LCBO. It is up to you to apply for the permit and it must be posted in the hall. The permit costs approximately $30 and according to the LCBO, you should apply a minimum of 10 days before your event to avoid any delays. If you are serving your wine at a private residence, you will not need any permit. 

• How far in advance should I plan if I want to serve my own wine?
The sooner you know you will be serving your own wine the better. Depending on the wine style you choose and time frame available, most wines need a minimum of 2-3 months aging time in the bottle where as others may need 8 months to a year to truly appreciate them. It is very important to make sure you have enough time to age your wine before serving. 

• How much wine will I need?
The amount of wine you may need depends on whether or not you will serve it just with dinner or throughout the evening. If you are serving it just with dinner, the rule of thumb is that you allow for at least ¾ of a 750ml bottle per person attending the event. If you are serving wine throughout the evening, you could safely consider 1 litre per person. It is always better to have wine leftover than to not have enough.

• What kind of wine should I serve?
You can serve any type of wine you like. It can be based on what your main course will be. If you’re having chicken, you’ll want extra white wine. If it’s a beef plate, stock up on the red. Sauvignon Blanc is a first-class white that appeals to all tastes and a Merlot is a fine red that everyone will enjoy. Browse our wine kit styles.

• Do I need labels on my bottles if I serve it?
If you intend on placing the wine bottles on the tables, we have a vast selection of computer labels that are popular. You can personalize them with your names, date of the event or even have pictures put on them to complement your theme. You may decide to forgo the labels if your wine is being served in carafes and your guests are unable to see the bottle.

• What size bottle should I have?
If the corkage fee is very high, you should use as large a bottle as possible such as 1.5L or even gallon jugs and have the wine served in carafes. The most common size bottle used on tables is 750ml. Check with your reception hall to see if they allow any larger size bottles for serving. 

• What if I want to give wine as a gift?
Most people give wine as a gift. You can bottle it in 375ml bottles and personalize it with your own label.



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