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SS Brewtech 20 Gal Brewmaster Edition Kettle

SS Brewtech 20 Gal Brewmaster Edition Kettle

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SS Brewtech has taken what they've learned designing and manufacturing pro brewing equipment and scaled it down for homebrewers. Features a rotatable racking arm, and sight glass integrated into the 1/2" - 3 piece ball valve. The new dish bottom with integrated fire box is designed to increase surface area by 50% and channel the flow of heat for faster boiling times. Coupled with a tangential inlet for more effective whirlpool action and trub collection. All TC fittings are fully sanitary welded and like all their brewing equipment 304 stainless steel. Etched markings in gallons/litres. PLEASE NOTE: BASE WILL 'BLUE' LIKE EXHAUST PIPE OVER TIME/USE. NOT FOR INDUCTION BURNERS 24 gallon capacity, 17.7" Diameter, 26" Height.
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