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DeFalco's Vintage Online Customer Points Program


DeFalco’s Vintage Online Customer Points Program
Earn Points Fast To Spend On Your Favourite 
HOME Brewing and Winemaking Supplies


At DeFalco's, we treat our vintage customers with special care. By being a part of our Vintage Customer program (it's free and automatic) you can earn points for every single penny you spend on your HOME brewing and winemaking supplies—even on sale merchandise! Accumulate those points, redeem them at the designated redemption levels and then spend those points towards merchandise available at our online store… As a Vintage Customer, you'll receive email notices of each of our celebrated sale events that spells out the deals, and highlights our great new products. But best of all, you'll be saving even more on the finest HOME brewing and winemaking supplies money can buy!

Enrollment is automatic with every online purchase and is open to any DeFalco online customer. Any order submitted online, you’ll automatically be on your way to accumulating points for future savings.


Any time you submit an order through our online shopping cart, points will be automatically added to your account managed by our in house points system. DeFalco Vintage Online Customers will be awarded 1 (one) point per penny spent on the purchase of any merchandise (regular price or sale price) available online at DeFalco’s Online store… Points will be awarded according to the merchandise sub-total and current point promotion in place at the time (single, double or triple points on selected items). Taxes and freight are excluded from points. Points will automatically be added to your account once your order is processed. In the event of a refund, return, non-sufficient funds or disputed credit card charges, any points awarded for the original transaction will be adjusted. Your official invoice shipped with your merchandise will detail your points activity and status (points level, points issued, points redeemed) To inquire about your point total, you can contact us at or 613-590-9946.


Vintage Points can be redeemed only on the following accumulations.

Point Saved
Points Redemption Value
Points Saved
Points Redemption Value

Points redeemed will be deducted from the Vintage Customer’s online account managed with our in house points system. Any excess points will remain in the account. If a point level has been attained, we will contact the DeFalco Vintage Customer holder for instructions on whether or not they would like to redeem points at the current level attained for the posted redemption dollar value and credited towards their current purchase or the DeFalco Vintage Customer can choose to continue to accumulate their points for a future redemption level at a later date. The above listed point levels must already be attained in the Vintage Customer’s account prior to the start of the transaction in which the redemption level is being processed. 


DeFalco Vintage Customer’s information is best when kept up-to-date. As such, we would appreciate you informing us promptly of any changes in name, address, shipping address or telephone number either by modifying your profile on our shopping cart or contacting us at The DeFalco Vintage Online Customer Points Program account is non-transferable. Vintage points from different accounts may not be combined. DeFalco's point totals shall be deemed correct. Purchases made prior to commencement of the program cannot be credited to a member's account. Vintage Points are not exchangeable for cash. The points program is subject to change. DeFalco's reserves the right to cancel, modify or restrict the program or any aspects of the program at any time with or without notice. Any registered DeFalco Vintage Customer account inactive for a 12 month period may be terminated and all points accumulated on such accounts will be deemed void. DeFalco’s Vintage Online Customer Points Program is restricted to online purchases only and points cannot be combined with DeFalco’s in-store Vintage Customer Card Program.


Any customer information pertaining to DeFalco's Vintage Online Customer Points Program remains confidential and is used strictly for DeFalco's purposes. At no time will you ever have to worry about your name and information being rented, traded, sold or used in any way other than for our own use. For more information, see our Posted Privacy Policy.



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