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Whether you're a first time beer-maker or an experienced amateur, our beer kits and accessories will satisfy your beer-making skills. Choose from over 130 different types of beer kits from around the world. Complement the kit with our vast selection of liquid yeasts, grains and hops, and you'll be proud to say you made it yourself.





Ales tend to have a higher alcoholic contents, more robust flavour and deeper hues than lagers. Colour characteristics range from amber to golden/copper. This style of beer is fuller-bodied with hints of fruit or spice. This beer is fermented with top fermenting yeast.
Amber Ale – A smooth full crystal malt flavoured beer, highly hopped with a light caramel aroma. A delicious ale, reddish in colour with a fine head, reminiscent of early Scottish red ales.

Bitter – A golden-brown or copper-coloured beer which is usually highly hopped, dry and lightly carbonated. Its strong refreshing flavour has made it a popular choice among those who appreciate the quality of this ruby coloured traditional beer.

Blonde - A light to medium hopped beer with a straw colour and light to medium-bodied. 

Brown Ale – This lightly hopped ale is flavoured and coloured with roasted and caramel malts. It is sweeter and fuller-bodied than a mild ale.

Cream Ale – A gently balanced beer with a hint of creaminess, and a darker colour and fuller flavour that will satisfy both ale and lager lovers.

Dark Ale – This mild brown ale provides a full and flavoursome taste, for those who prefer a darker beer style. This beer is produced from the selection of superior roasted malts.

Heavy – A high gravity beer originating from Scotland, centuries ago, where small breweries began producing rich, dark, hoppy ales known locally as “Heavy”. 

Honey Blonde Ale - A refreshingly smooth, full-bodied ale with a touch of all natural honey to create a slightly sweet finish. Golden in colour, with a rich, soft and round palate, pure clover honey is used to balance the satisfying ale character.

India Pale Ale – This ale has a copper/golden colour and medium aroma hops with a slightly higher starting gravity and hop rate as regular Pale Ale.

Pale Ale – An amber or copper-coloured beer similar to Bitter beer but drier, hoppier and lighter. The full strength flavour of this beer is a combination of the hops and malt used and the result of prolonged mashing time.

Porter – A very bitter, very dark, almost black and mildly alcoholic beer. Its dark colour is derived from roasted, unmalted barley and sometimes a dash of licorice.

Real Ale – Displays a solid head and a distinctive, full-bodied flavour, enhanced by a soft fruity character. A true Amber Ale in style and colour.

Stout – The rich and dark texture of this beer is produced by specially roasted black malt. This highly hopped beer has a bold roasted flavour with a strong hint of malt and caramel. Depending on the variety, this beer can range from sweet to dry and bitter.

Wheat – This beer is made with a high proportion of malted wheat. A light and refreshing German style Weisse beer with a tartness to its taste. It is made of 25-50% wheat malt.


Lagers are a light to medium-bodied beer, lightly hopped and resembles the pale golden colour of straw. This beer is fermented with a bottom fermenting yeast.
American Style – A pale, dry, lightly hopped beer, designed to be at its most refreshing when served chilled. Low alcohol beer with a golden straw colour and a smooth, mellow flavour. 

Cerveza – Modelled after the classic beer of Mexico. This beer is light-bodied, crisp and clean.

Draught – A full and flavoursome beer displaying a clean crisp taste with a subtle hop flavour. Draught beer has slightly lower carbonation levels than other styles of beer and is therefore less filling.

Dry Lager – Golden crisp beer popular in northern Europe. Light and refreshing. 

Light – This pleasant lightly hopped beer is light-bodied with a pale straw colour and mild flavour. Highly carbonated with very little bitterness, no aftertaste, fewer calories and lower alcohol content.

Munich Dark Lager – This rich, medium-bodied beer is characterized by a delicate sweet maltiness and a toasted nutty flavour. A variety of malts (Pale, Munich, Crystal Wheat, Chocolate) are combined to create this dark lager.

Pilsner – A medium to highly hopped beer with a golden straw colour. Light to medium-bodied with a sharp hop aroma and a typical lager malt character.

Pilsner Blonde – A European style dry lager with a full hop flavour and straw colour.

Pilsner Lager – A blend of Saaz and Hallertau hops. This light to medium-bodied beer is carbonated, lightly hopped and resembles the pale golden colour of straw.

Specialty Beers

Anniversary Ale – Rich and warming with an unmistakable “aged” flavour. This beer should ideally be served in small bottles.

Cider – A full flavoured , sparkling, medium-dry traditional English cider.



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Festa Brew Seasonal Release Oktoberfesta

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The finished beer has the following
tasting notes: Light golden amber in colour, this fall German-style beer presents with a light toffee coloured foam.  The medium body and creaminess with a hint of caramel is not too sweet on the front end and has lots of crisp, clean maltiness and an herbal hop finish on the back end.
Limited quantities!
Reserve yours now.
Available early September.

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