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Muntons Premium

Muntons Premium The Muntons Premium range is made entirley from 100% hopped malt extract with no inferior or cheap adjuncts such as barley syrup. There is one notable exception to this however - the American Style Light Beer. To emulate the light delicate character of this popular beer style it was necessary to include in the kit a percentage of liquid sugar. This is the only beer kit in the extensive Muntons ranges made from anything other than 100% hopped malt extract.

All products are In-Stock and ship within 1-2 business days unless stated otherwise.

For the protection of all of our customers, we cannot accept returns on any beer kits. We ask that you make an informed decision, read all descriptions and contact us should we need to provide more information on the particular product that interests you.


  • Muntons  Lager 1.5K

    Muntons Lager 1.5K

    Golden crisp beer popular throughout Northern Europe. Light and refreshing.
  • Muntons Barley Wine 1.5K

    Muntons Barley Wine 1.5K

    An extra strong beer for the special occasion drink unchilled to fully appreciate its rich body and flavour.
  • Muntons Bitter 1.5K

    Muntons Bitter 1.5K

    Classic English pub bitter well balanced and full of taste. Englands favourite beer.
  • Muntons Blonde 1.5K

    Muntons Blonde 1.5K

    The Blonde is the lightest beer in the Muntons Premium range. And it is still made with 100% malt. Ultra light and ultra refreshing!
  • Muntons Brown 1.5K

    Muntons Brown 1.5K

    Dark and smooth, a brown ale with a slightly nutty character. To really appreciate this ale, serve at cellar temperature.
  • Muntons Canadian Ale 1.5K

    Muntons Canadian Ale 1.5K

    Reminiscent of the slightly hoppier lager style beers popular throughout Canada.
  • Muntons Canadian Style Beer 1.5K

    Muntons Canadian Style Beer 1.5K

    A dark sweet yet subtle beer brewed to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger.
  • Muntons Cerveza 1.5K

    Muntons Cerveza 1.5K

    This is a real sun soaked beer the ultimate thirst quencher. Light yet hoppy and aromatic. Drink ice cold with a twist of lime.


  • Muntons Dry Lager 1.5K

    Muntons Dry Lager 1.5K

    A fully fermented lager designed with less residual sweetness. Very refreshing.
  • Muntons Pale Ale 1.5K

    Muntons Pale Ale 1.5K

    A light delicately balanced beer. Originally brewed for consumption in India it is an ideal thirst quencher.
  • Muntons Pilsner 1.5K

    Muntons Pilsner 1.5K

    Light and delicate, this is the classic pilsner lager style beer.
  • Muntons Red Ale 1.5K

    Muntons Red Ale 1.5K

    This is a rich coloured ale for that special occasion full of flavour.


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Festa Brew Seasonal Release Oktoberfesta

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The finished beer has the following
tasting notes: Light golden amber in colour, this fall German-style beer presents with a light toffee coloured foam.  The medium body and creaminess with a hint of caramel is not too sweet on the front end and has lots of crisp, clean maltiness and an herbal hop finish on the back end.
Limited quantities!
Reserve yours now.
Available early September.

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