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Miscellaneous Barware

Miscellaneous Barware

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  • Amazing Wine Perfector

    Amazing Wine Perfector

    By placing a finished bottle of wine on the Wine Perfector for just 30 minutes, your wine will have the same results as if you had aged it in your own climate controlled cellar for years. The bottle will have a better nose, with a richer, smoother taste. Will also improve the flavour of port, sherry, brandy, cognac and other barrel aged spirits.
  • Aroma Aerator by Trudeau

    Aroma Aerator by Trudeau

    Decanting by the glass made easy! Improves bouquet and flavor instantly by injecting air into the wine as you pour.
  • Automatic Measuring Jigger

    Automatic Measuring Jigger

    Stainless steel measuring jigger that automatically measures 1 oz of liqueur.
  • Cocktail Shaker

    Cocktail Shaker

    Stainless steel cocktail shaker with built in strainer on the cover. 18 oz. capacity (500ml) with an airtight cap to prevent spilling.
  • Cork Coasters 6pc

    Cork Coasters 6pc

    Natural cork stripped from cork trees makes great coasters for protecting your table from heat and stains. These non slip coasters clean with a damp cloth for easy use.
  • Cork Retriever

    Cork Retriever

    Removes cork that has fallen inside your wine bottle safely and quickly.
  • Decanting Funnel w/stand

    Decanting Funnel w/stand

    Stainless steel decanting funnel with dispersing holes, mesh filter and stand.
  • Dripless Wine Collar

    Dripless Wine Collar

    Wraps around the neck of your wine bottle to prevent stains and protect your tablecloth and other surfaces.
  • Foil Cutter gift boxed

    Foil Cutter gift boxed

    A Trulever foil cutter.
  • Grape Design Wine Cooler

    Grape Design Wine Cooler

    This terracotta wine cooler will not only keep all your favourite bottled beverages cold, its beautiful hand painted grape design is sure to be a hit at the party.
  • Shot Glass

    Shot Glass

    2 oz. shot glass with a heavy bottom.
  • Terracotta Wine Cooler

    Terracotta Wine Cooler

    This terracotta wine cooler will keep all your favourite bottled beverages cold.


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notes: “This traditional Scotch ale has a pleasant malt hop balance which leans towards the rich and dominant sweet malt flavour and aroma side. The caramel character is punctuated with a hint of peated smoke. The English hops provide the pleasant balance to the nice clean finish of this beer.


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