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Festa Brew

Festa Brew Festa Brew offers a comprehensive line-up of popular beer styles. Each variety is made from premium North American and European ingredients and is ready for fermentation for home brewers. Year round availability means there is no reason to run out of great tasting beer. Festa Brew pasteurized ready to use wort provides superior results in the simplest possible way. The key to Festa Brew fresh-pasteurized wort is that it is brewed and prepared from fresh malted barley, hops and water in a modern brewhouse, operated by brewing professionals. The result: fresh, premium, professional wort ready to use without dilution. Just follow the clear and concise instructions for great tasting premium craft-style beer. All you need to do is add the provided yeast, ferment, prime with sugar, bottle, and enjoy!


  • Festa Brew Blonde Lager

    Festa Brew Blonde Lager

    A yellow coloured, crisp beer with a genuine lager yeast. This is a true all malt lager brewed with no adjuncts. The yeast provided will ferment well at 9-15 degrees, but will provide good lager characteristics up to 24degrees.
  • Festa Brew Brown Ale

    Festa Brew Brown Ale

    A traditional, medium bodied English style Brown Ale. Pleasantly roasted, mid bodied malt profile with low hop flavour and aroma and moderate hop bitterness. Slight yeast derived fruitiness.
  • Festa Brew Continental Pilsner

    Festa Brew Continental Pilsner

    A balanced, well rounded, golden European style lager with a noticeable hop profile and all malt character.
  • Festa Brew Cream Ale

    Festa Brew Cream Ale

    A medium bodied, slightly fruity, North American ale style. Deep golden colour with a delicate hop aroma and flavour. A smooth and easy drinking beer style.
  • Festa Brew Double Oatmeal Stout

    Festa Brew Double Oatmeal Stout

    An opaque, full bodied ebony ale. Moderate to high hop bitterness combines well with a pleasant roast malt character, subtle malt sweetness and slight hop flavour. The addition of two types of oats leads to a creamy, robust mouth feel and full texture.
  • Festa Brew Pale Ale

    Festa Brew Pale Ale

    A deep golden coloured hoppy, fruity English style pale ale. Presents pleasant flavours and aromas of fresh finishing hops, which balance well with a bready malt profile and moderate body.
  • Festa Brew Red Ale

    Festa Brew Red Ale

    Irish style Red Ale. Attractive red amber colour. Moderate hop bitterness, mild hop flavour and low hop aroma. A step towards darker beers, without the roasted component.
  • Festa Brew West Coast IPA

    Festa Brew West Coast IPA

    A strong, North American style India Pale Ale with a pronounced malt character and abundant hop flavours and aromas. This wort has a flavour profile that is second to none in the realm of homebrewing and u brewing. Deep gold in colour, this craftbrewed classic will please even the most discerning ale aficionado.
  • Festa Brew Wheat Beer

    Festa Brew Wheat Beer

    A clean North American style wheat beer. Light straw colour and low hop bitterness. Refreshing and thirst quenching.


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Festa Brew Seasonal Release


Scotch Ale

The finished beer has the following tasting

notes: “This traditional Scotch ale has a pleasant malt hop balance which leans towards the rich and dominant sweet malt flavour and aroma side. The caramel character is punctuated with a hint of peated smoke. The English hops provide the pleasant balance to the nice clean finish of this beer.


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