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Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey This 10L, 4 week premium wine kit is sure to excite winemakers everywhere. This country-of-origin wine kit has two great styles to choose from.

All wine kit styles listed on this site are available to be made in the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you would like to make wine on our premises, additional charges apply as well as your prescence will be required during the mixing and the bottling process.

Can include 5-10L of grape juice concentrate or a combination of grape juice concentrate and pure grape juice. These kits are ready to be bottled in 4 weeks. Can be enjoyed young. Usually 2-3 months aging time.

All products are In-Stock and ship within 1-2 business days unless stated otherwise.

For the protection of all of our customers, we cannot accept returns on any wine kits. We ask that you make an informed decision, read all descriptions and contact us should we need to provide more information on the particular product that interests you.


  • Cheeky Monkey Australian Unoaked Chardonnay

    Cheeky Monkey Australian Unoaked Chardonnay

    Chardonnays many unique flavours are enhanced by the rich red soils and warm Aussie sun. You will enjoy hints of apple, pineapple and tropical fruit in this white wine style.
  • Cheeky Monkey California Riesling

    Cheeky Monkey California Riesling

    This off dry Riesling is a light straw colour with aromas of citrus and floral on the nose. On the palate you will enjoy flavours of crisp citrus fruit, honey and apricots.
  • Cheeky Monkey German Gewurztraminer

    Cheeky Monkey German Gewurztraminer

    A pale, yellow colour catches your eye while floral, spicy aromas fill the air. The wine
  • Cheeky Monkey Sth African Sauvignon Blanc

    Cheeky Monkey Sth African Sauvignon Blanc

    A pale straw colour is complimented by aromas of such CHEEKY tropical fruit as green pineapple, guava, pears and light herbal notes. This light to medium bodied sipper is a great beverage on a hot day because of its crisp, green apple flavours and refreshing finish.
  • Cheeky Monkey Washington State Pinot Gris

    Cheeky Monkey Washington State Pinot Gris

    Great body, zesty acidity and a refreshing finish of pear, white peach and pineapple.
  • Cheeky Monkey Australian Shiraz

    Cheeky Monkey Australian Shiraz

    Big and bold. Dry and intense. Flavours of plums, black berries and black currants are complimented by a peppery finish in this red wine style.
  • Cheeky Monkey California Zinfandel Shiraz

    Cheeky Monkey California Zinfandel Shiraz

    This popular California blend of Zinfandel and Shiraz is quite CHEEKY because it captures the western winemaking spirit of being big, bold and beautiful. Zinfandel
  • Cheeky Monkey Chilean Malbec

    Cheeky Monkey Chilean Malbec

    This is a bright ruby red wine with smells of cherry jam topped with hints of chocolate. Tastes of flavours of cherry and mint mix with structured acidity before its beautiful smooth finish.
  • Cheeky Monkey Chilean Merlot

    Cheeky Monkey Chilean Merlot

    A deep brick red colour along with rich fruity aromas of blackberry and plum heighten your senses before diving into this South American treat. The real CHEEKY ness of this wine is found in the taste where flavours of fruit, cedar, earth and spice join to create a well structured wine with moderate tannins.
  • Cheeky Monkey Chilean Pinot Noir

    Cheeky Monkey Chilean Pinot Noir

    Intensely aromatic, with notes of violets, rose petals and red berry fruits. This wine offers a violet colour and a nice medium body with notes of toasted vanilla on the nose and the palate.
  • Cheeky Monkey Italian Sangiovese Syrah

    Cheeky Monkey Italian Sangiovese Syrah

    Sangiovese brings strawberry, plum and delicate spice notes to this Bellissimo of a marriage while Syrah offers intense blackberry, black currant and black pepper spice character. Deep ruby red in colour, this full bodied wine is bursting with flavour.
  • Cheeky Monkey Italian Valroza

    Cheeky Monkey Italian Valroza

    This wonderful red will have you going APE! Aromas and flavours of plum and cherry makeup this soft and smooth tasting wine from beginning to end.


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