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Cellar Craft Showcase

Cellar Craft Showcase Heron Bay's Ultra Premium 6 week wine kits are for those enthusiasts who enjoy a rich, complex wine. Ready to bottle in 6 weeks, these wines possess a well-balanced and structured taste profile that benefits from ageing. These kits will allow winemakers the opportunity to create fine wine that is stunningly rich in body and brimming with flavour, aroma and complexity.

All wine kit styles listed on this site are available to be made in the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you would like to make wine on our premises, additional charges apply as well as your prescence will be required during the mixing and the bottling process.

Can include 15-18L of a combination of grape juice concentrate and pure grape juice. These kits produce full-bodied wines with more bouquet and flavour with longer aging potential. Must be aged for a minimum of 6 to 12 months to truly be appreciated.

Founded upon over 50 years of winemaking heritage and developed by professional winemakers. International grapes are chosen from vineyards in over 16 regions of 8 countries on 4 continents. The products are produced in state-of-the-art facilities with temperature controlled cellars; a flash pasteurizing process to preserve vineyard fresh character and a fully equipped quality assurance laboratory that will Guarantee the highest quality and consistent results every time.

All products are In-Stock and ship within 1-2 business days unless stated otherwise.

For the protection of all of our customers, we cannot accept returns on any wine kits. We ask that you make an informed decision, read all descriptions and contact us should we need to provide more information on the particular product that interests you.


  • Cellar Craft 12L Black Currant Dessert Wine (Porto Corinto)

    Cellar Craft 12L Black Currant Dessert Wine (Porto Corinto)

    Classic Ruby Port infused with flavourful black currant. Intense, rich and savory!
  • Cellar Craft 12L Dessert Wine (Port)

    Cellar Craft 12L Dessert Wine (Port)

    In the Portuguese tradition, this wine is made from a blend of several grape varieties, including grapes indigenous to Southwest Europe. Intense fruit character and depth of flavour at bottling. Like all Ports, however, youll be rewarded if you can set some bottles aside for a year or two. The kit produces up to 17.5% alcohol. Brandy may be added to elevate the alcohol even further and add to the true Port taste.
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Viognier Yakima

    Cellar Craft Showcase Viognier Yakima

    An amazing, full bodied, aromatic wine with a creamy mouth feel. Unbelievable aromas and flavours of apricot, mango, pineapple, guava, kiwi, tangerine, orange blossom and spiced pear absolutely dazzle the senses. Our Flavour Reserve balances the grape
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone

    Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone

    The wine is full bodied, deep garnet colour and richly dry. Notes of plum, sour cherry, raspberry and vanilla gradually marry with anise, bitter chocolate, coffee, tobacco, leather and fig tones that develop with age. Grape skins included.
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Australian Shiraz

    Cellar Craft Showcase Australian Shiraz

    Distinguished by its dark, dense structure, full, rounded mouth feel, prominent, lush flavours of ripe cherry, black currant and black berry, subtle notes of clove, vanilla and caramel with background suggestions of earthiness. The bright, vibrant edge is beautifully counter balanced by oak.
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Cabernet Merlot

    Cellar Craft Showcase Cabernet Merlot

    The Walla Walla appellation is very special. Its outstanding reds were what first put Washington on the world wine map. Our offering is the classic Bordeaux blend of Cabernet and Merlot but typifies the unique Walla Walla profile of intense fruit and spice flavours and aromatics. Notes of currant, cherry and plum are backed by hints of black pepper, anise and coffee. Oaking nicely mellows the tannins and adds a suggestion of toastiness. Special Order 7-10 DAYS
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Carmenere Chilean

    Cellar Craft Showcase Carmenere Chilean

    Oak produces soft tannins, subtle toast, and vanilla, providing a terrific backdrop to the aromas and flavours of blackberry, black cherry, tropical fruit, and spice from the grapes. Notes of coffee, mocha, and tobacco can be expected along with a mineral tang that forms as part of the lengthy finish. The wine is medium to full bodied with bright ruby colour. Special Order 7-10 DAYS
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Mystic

    Cellar Craft Showcase Mystic

    A captivating blend that reveals intense fruity aromas on opening. This full bodied red offers rich flavours of black cherry, mocha, spice and vanilla, and closes with a velvety, smooth finish.Special Order 7-10 DAYS
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Argentina Malbec

    Cellar Craft Showcase Argentina Malbec

    The wine shows a deep, crimson colour with purple undertones. The up front aromatics reflect the typical dark fruit notes of blackberry, cherry, and plum, complimented by restrained black pepper which should become more pronounced with age. In the background are subtle layers of toast and vanilla from the oak. The aromas continue to the palate creating a soft, rounded expression of the fruits, spice, and oak. Tannins are in gentle harmony with the overall impression and create a well defined, yet delicate frame for the wine.
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Gewuztraminer Riesling

    Cellar Craft Showcase Gewuztraminer Riesling

    Peach and melon undertones from Riesling marry beautifully with the spice, mango, grapefruit and lychee notes from Gewurztraminer. Incredibly elegant with a hint of sweetness from our Riesling based Flavour Reserve. Special Order 7-10 DAYS.
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Merlot Washington

    Cellar Craft Showcase Merlot Washington

    Bold, yet elegant. This Merlot is big and full with up front waves of raspberry, blackberry and plum. Subtle notes of cedar and mocha follow the fruit.
  • Cellar Craft Showcase Pinot Gris

    Cellar Craft Showcase Pinot Gris

    Displays aromatic notes of green apple and lemon against a floral and honeyed background. Our natural Flavour Reserve creates a rich mouth feel with tangy fruit acid balancing the hint of sweetness. Floral and mineral notes persist in the lingering finish.


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