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Beer Additives

Beer Additives

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  • 52 pH Stabilizer 1lb

    52 pH Stabilizer 1lb

    5.2 is a proprietary blend of food grade buffers that will lock in your mash and kettle water at a pH of 5.2 regardless of the starting pH of your water. It is safe for your mash and will not add any flavours to your beer. It will optimize the enzymatic activity of your malt, help clarify your wort, and often raise your starting gravities. In the boil it will give you consistent hop usage.
  • Amylase Enzyme Formula 50g

    Amylase Enzyme Formula 50g

    Breaks 1,4 linkage in starch during liquefication, producing dextrin and a small amout of maltose. Leaves 1,6 links, therefore self limiting. Use if you have a starch problem in storage, or in light beers, or in mash tub to make more maltose.
  • Burton Water Salts 50g

    Burton Water Salts 50g

    Use 1 to 4 teaspoons per 5 gallons or as per recipe. If you are doing partial or all grain brewing, add at the start of the mash, or add at the start of the boil for extract brews. Contains papain to prevent chill haze.
  • Calcium Chloride 50g

    Calcium Chloride 50g

    Use to lower PH in beer making and add water hardness. 1 tsp per 5 gallons
  • Gypsum 100g

    Gypsum 100g

    Calcium sulphate (use as directed in various recipes).
  • Irish Moss 30g

    Irish Moss 30g

    Natural cleaning agent for beer. Promotes clear beer. Acts to precipitate proteins when mashing.
  • Precipitated Chalk 50g

    Precipitated Chalk 50g

    Reduces acidity in wine.
  • Whirlfloc Tablets 6 count

    Whirlfloc Tablets 6 count

    A clarifying agent used in brewing during the boil. It is a concentrated tablet derived from Irish Moss. Add one tablet per 5 gallon batch within 15 minutes of boil time remaining to promote clarity.


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Festa Brew Seasonal Release Oktoberfesta

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The finished beer has the following
tasting notes: Light golden amber in colour, this fall German-style beer presents with a light toffee coloured foam.  The medium body and creaminess with a hint of caramel is not too sweet on the front end and has lots of crisp, clean maltiness and an herbal hop finish on the back end.
Limited quantities!
Reserve yours now.
Available early September.

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